Thursday, 13 October 2011

Less is More week 36 #2

Less is More week 36 One Layer card with hearts  this card has had a L O N G gestation period... my desk is covered with rejected bits that just didn't work one layer, got smudged, cat paw prints... you know how it is!  anyway my blissfull husband free week of saying 'no' to housework and 'yes' to gardening and crafty things is almost over, guests arriving tomorrow and Mr D home on the Friday night late flight.  It took a while for the penny to drop that I actually needed a card with hearts for our Anniversary on 28th Oct. It will be 5 years so it is 'Wood'.... Hmm  goodness knows what he will come up with although he will be doing well to top the 6 timers shaped as vegetables and the vacume packing machine (still in its box) I got for my birthday ! LOL.  Perhaps I will buy a wooden rolling pin...
anyway back to the card.  It is one layer of art card pinched from Lydia's old art supplies, printed on the front with a Pink Petticoat paper, it is an Emily Bronte proem, inside the card I printed the block of crimson then cut the heart border out.  This is what took so long, I could not find a cutting file I liked so I made my own in SCAL and cut it on the Cricut.  I had to sharpen the blade (cut tin foil) and re-sticky the mats with Stick & Spray before I got it quite right. The sentiment is SU, ribbon from stash.  Originally I saw it as a side fold card (trying to be clever with the verticle sentiment) , but actually think it looks better as a tent fold.....  As usual the version in my head is quite different to what I ended up with, but that, dear Chrissie & Mandy is why I love your challenge, it is JUST that, a Challenge! OK now back to the chickens who are 'helping' me clear the tomato plants (they love baby tomatos)
Edit:  Chrissie and Mandi quite rightly pointed out that there isn't much white space... I TOTALLY forgot about white space, I was obsessing over the one layerness! LOL


  1. This is worth all the effort! Beautiful!

  2. Well it really does sound as though this was a labour of love!
    Looks great in the end however and although not a great deal of white space the design is CAS and looks terrific.
    Happy anniversary when it arrives.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. Whilst there's not really any white space
    it;s a terrific card!
    Thank you for another entry
    Mandi LIM

  4. That is awesome, thanks for sharing!
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