Sunday, 27 November 2011

A new Puppy!

Pyrenean Shepherd puppy and me at a farm in the mountains

He is the Daddy...
Tom and I have just got back from near Lourdes and choosing our new puppy!  She looks quite big in the picture but is actually mainly all fluff!  She is a little girl and will be 8 weeks old on 17th December when we collect her after our trip to England next week. For those of you who followed my Dog Toby's knee problem and subsequent surgery saga will know that the first thing we did was check her little chunky legs and hips!  Toby is now down to about 42 kilo and when this little girl is fully grown she will be about a maxium of 15kilo and a lot smaller than Toby who has turned out to have a lot of 'Beauceron' mixed in with his Lab/collie cross Mama!  We are trying to think of names now, Tom likes Folly (as in Folly Berger) but I'm not so keen... so a good girl dog name ending in 'Y' is needed!

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  1. aw she is so gorgeous hun, i bet you can`t wait till its time to collect her :D

    xx coops xx