Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Thank you all for visiting and commenting, I have had a complication with my eye surgery, we had to go back to the hospital yesterday, there is a bit of  stitch sticking out of my eye (which feels like a huge eyelash stuck) and making my eye really incredibily itchy, sore and weepy.   It seems that the Prof did not do the surgery himself but he will have to sort it out on 1st March when I go back for the right eye to be lasered.
 |I can't see very well to type & read blogs :-(  but am loving looking at your lovley cards on the ipad!


  1. Hi Donna, I really hope that things will be all sorted out for you very soon... meanwhile ... take care!
    "Less is More"

  2. Hey Donna, I am new to your blog and do hope it all gets "sorted out" soon. We do not say that here - but love the way y'all say it. Your picture is so cute and you prove you have a great sens of humor!!! On to spy on some of your cards!

  3. Hi Donna, hope you are on the mend soon.