Friday, 23 March 2012


Mr D came home with yet more A4 plastic drawer things this week. so I have been trying to look like I'm actually moving mess rather than planting seeds all week, this self sufficiency stuff does not happen by its self you know!
. This week Less is moore #59 theme is Masking...................... OH **** well I DO own a mask, it has remained in its cover until today, it is a trellis pattern... this was a real disaster, I would like to claim that my 'new' eyes' are at fault but sadly, no, it's my inky fingers where disaster lurks!  Anyway as I need to get my Nephews card in the post tomorrow (I was my sisters birth partner so NO excuses about remembering the date! hard to get my head around that slimy little 6lb baby being 6 years old all ready....where does the time go?)
I get an eye test in 2 weeks and new reading glasses now that both eyes are different prescriptions, I would like to think my cards will improve but I suspect not.

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