Friday, 22 April 2011

Roses and dogs!

Today the Vent D'Autan wind is blowing so not much gardening going on! a few random pics taken the other day with my newish camera instead :-)

My black dog Toby looking very shiny in the sunshine (must be the coconut oil in his anti-yeast diet)

Mr D with his new (Empty) wine barrel.My first ever cauliflower, a thing of great beauty and devilishly difficult to grow, as any gardener will tell you!

My beautiful pink climbing rose MADAME GREGOIRE STAECHELIN (Spanish Beauty) which by tomrrow will probably be flowerless due to the wind :-(

Panoramic view of the field of oilseed rape, hopefully to be replanted with sunflowers after it is harvested next week!

Toby enjoying the sunshine

**Edit: thanks to my friend Kay (Incy) for letting me know that blogger had lost the pictures! ** hopefully they will stay up a little longer this time!**

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  1. hi donna,pics sound good but they are not showing up!!