Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Surgery for Toby

I have been very busy with a house full of visitors and building a chicken run..
This afternoon/tomorrow morning  Toby the dog is having surgery to insert a plate in his left leg.  We finally got a diagnosis, he has severed a ligament in his knee and arthritis has set in.  I am so NOT looking forward to having him in plaster for ages... although he will not be able to chase our three new feathered friends... Ginger, Cinders and Picpoul de Poulet!


  1. good luck to toby for the operation donna and have fun with your new arrivals,x

  2. Hope Toby is OK when he has his OP. Love your 3 new arrivals, our neighbour has just had two geese. I am going to get friends with them really soon.