Sunday, 31 July 2011


Tom and Poulet, Ginger and Cinders

Toby with his trendy paw print bandage
Toby is home after his op and getting around ok although we have to keep him in the house for several weeks so no walkies for a while. 
One of the chickens has started laying! I found a small egg right in the middle of the chicken run yesterday, just lying on the grass... I suppose it must have taken the chicken by surprise !!  today there was another small egg, this time layed in the chicken coop on the floor.  Tom had the smallest fried egg ever for breakfast today LOL
Lots of guests coming and going, I feel like I'm running a Hotel and no time at all for crafting or gardening.


  1. Just found this. Hope Toby is all mended now - love the bandage! xx

  2. Eggs, how cool -I bet they taste delicious! Hope you find some time to craft!
    Katie x