Friday, 16 September 2011

It takes 2 baby!

This week at Less is More -Week-32-one-layer-seeing-double Chrissie and Mandi have said" ONE LAYER CARD
So on your entry this week, we'd like to see TWO of something"

Ok I am yet again posting at the 11th hour but what a week, Today pressure washing the tunnel after murdering all the rats/voles ready for the chickens to move in over the winter.........Toby doing so well after surgery that I swear he has been watching 'the Great Escape'.

 I made a card blank showing the edges.
So 2 of something.. Mmm when I looked at the fellow Limettes there was certainly a lot of x2 .......... stamps ...anyway after 2 glasses of white wine with 2 ice cubes in each.
2  x Colours: - Blue and silver
2  x Gems
2: x Things I have bought and not used yet- the Papermania snowflakes embossing folder which arrived this morning :-) and the pearlised dark blue cardstock from E-bay.
2 x Techniques: Dry embossing and die cutting, I don't use my Wizzard much as it has 'dead' area right down the middle.
2 x Sick cats lying on my desk...Arrhhh
2 eggs for my breakfast this morning- Picpoul is eating hers as they don't have shells....
2 more glasses of wine...Oh..cut me some slack the other half has gone off to see Toulouse play!
2 attemps to take a decent picture so scanned it in the end!

I will come back and add a few more challenges when I am a bit more sober :-)

I think that Less more is 2 x good for me!

Mandi asked if it was indeed  a #One layer.'. I cut a card blank from the dark blue card, but the edges didn't quite line up and left  slight white border that I liked so I cut the other edges to match.....although it does not show up very well


  1. Fabulous snowflakes!
    Is that a blue card or a layer stuck onto a white card base?if it is stuck on then it's not one layer
    Enjoy your wine
    Thank you
    "Less is More"

  2. I think this just about comprehensively cover the's a great card too!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"