Sunday, 15 January 2012

Not scroungers after all

My little group of followers will probably know that I suffer from several illnesses, Fibromyalgia, hypothyroid, IBS, colitis, TMJ, ......... the list gets longer and more depressing every year. I try and focus on what I can do, make a card in about 8 hours, stroke my new puppy, be delighted that my plum tree is in blossom and not on what I can't do. I live in painfull 'Fibro Fog' every day. Not fun.

  I had been in blissfull ignorance about the Welfare reforms going on in the UK until a dreaded brown envelope arrived on Monday  . Suffice to say that  I have been terribly shocked and upset by what is  happening to sick and disabled people like me.  I would love to have my old job and life back but I have finally accepted that is not going to happen, ever.

There is a petition HERE on the UK Government web site and I ask you please, if you are a UK national to vote, there are over 19,000 votes allready and every single one helps put this issue in the attention of the media. There were 3 million 'tweets'.

There are two newspaper items that sum up the situation quite well, one on the temporary defeat of the government in the House of Lords on Tuesday Here and another Here - background to the story/vote

The full Spartacus Report can be read or downloaded if you need more information.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this reather depressing post and please vote and tweet if you would like to support.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you have multiple illnesses. I think your positive approach about it is to be applauded and I hope you have effective pain management. I would love to sign the petition but as you know I am not a UK resident. I hope the petition reaches its 100,000 mark to enable it to have a chance of being debated in parliament. xx