Thursday, 12 January 2012

Purple Butterfly

 Challenges I would like to enter: This is my 2nd card for Less is More #49 Purple I used the sketch at  CPS250
I used: Free Kate Knight papers
SU Punch, Marrianne butterfly die, card from stash, gems, Woodware scalloped square punch.

Just back from the eye exercise session, only 3 more to go, I have allready improved my convergence and am getting a lot less headaches. This therapy is very popular in France.   I have a bit of a wait until after my eye surgerys for 12 more. I'm having an implanted lense in the -10.75 eye under GA on 14th Feb and laser on the right -7.5 eye. I simply cannot imagine being able to see without glasses or contacts, not to mention the HUGE cost of glasses my last pair were about £400 because I have to have the lenses thinned otherwise they are about 1/2 thick and I can only tolerate daily disposable contacts. Sadly it won't help with my appalling night vision, I have given up driving at night.  I'm so excited to finally be getting it done I simply can't wait!! Surgery is also much cheaper here in France.

I will share a funny story with you:  I am the only one in my family with bad eyesight. (High Myopia normally runs in families.
A few times I have woken up and gone to stroke the cat on the right.......
and then felt very silly.
scroll down.....
Easy mistake to make...


  1. Ooops (to the cat/bag!) - love the card


  2. Love the colour combination - a really beautiful card.

  3. I was interested to read about your eye problems... it's amazing that you can craft as you do!
    Not a lot of white space in this one Donna, but it's a fab card!
    Thanks again.
    "Less is More"

  4. Lovely colour combination hugs karen x

  5. Lovely card and colour combo also love your cat a gorgeous colour must blend in with a lot of things!

    Maggie H

  6. Oh gosh that amde me laugh
    Only last night, most of the lights on the house were off, I looked into the dining room and was soflty calling our dog, Belle. I was then a little concerned when she didn;t move...walked towards 'her' and it was 2 of her soft toys LOL
    Super card, Donna

    Thank you very much
    "Less is More!