Friday, 18 May 2012

Less is more #

This week at less is more we are week-67-one-layer, 3 stamps various distress inks, SU blossoms stamps x 2 happy birthday stamp from Blade Rubber, not quite navy SU cardstock and punch. bling from stash.

This is about my 10th try all the others either   a) I forgot the white space     b) inky fingers... c) Colitis cat sat in dirt then ink then on card, d) builder called me downstairs to review sanding of terrace table and I then knocked over a cup of tea. So 11th hour as usual! I do wonder how I ever managed to run a department when I can't even get a card finished with a weeks notice.  That's what fibromyalgia (and brain fog, chronic pain, insomnia) does to you, it robs you of the person you used to be, especially when the weather is damp/cold. Everything takes longer and if you actually remember what it was you were trying to do in the first place, it is a good day. My 3rd sister who is only 35 and due to get married  soon as just been diagnosed (2nd sister was 4 years ago) so I'm feeling a bit sorry for us all today. (normally i'm a silver lining, glass half full  type)  Darwin would probably have us all shot!  I will feel better and more positive when this hellish Vent d'autan wind stops blowing,  the hail stops wrecking my garden  and the sun finally comes out again!
Playing the 'Glad Game' My beautiful rose around the kitchen door, (before the wind, and rain got to it!)

PS I do surf the lovely limettes cards on Mr D's mac thingy that does not have a keyboard as sitting at my computer and touch typing away is my No1. trigger so a rationed pastime ;-)


  1. You have used those inks beautifully Donna, I wasn't thrilled with this stamp set when I saw it in the catalogue, but it looks great here.
    Hope your symptoms ease soon.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. Fab card, love the flower. Hope you feel a bit better soon.....

  3. Fabulous card! Fabulous colours...You got there in the end lol...LOve it.
    Can tell your usually a half full person....LOve your 'picture' x