Sunday, 4 November 2012

Which Die cutting machine to replace hated E-Craft?

I want to replace my E-Craft, (oh I I hate that machine :-( ) with something that does not cut different every time, DOES need a mat to stabilise it, chew up my expensive paper etc. It takes hours to get even a simple cut right and as for anything intrikit, forget it! I had an old Cricut and SCAL 2 which cut better. I love SCAL 3 and want a machine that will run it, no cartridges, less expensive blades and mats that last a while! perhaps one that will print and cut accuratley?? If any of you ladies can help me choose I would be very happy :-) I wish I had read reviews of the E-Craft before I bought it.
I am dropping hints to Santa! and one last thing, it has to be available in the UK or France.

Pros & cons
cost of consumerables, blades, mats, 
Life of consumerables, blade every 5 mins!
Good supplier
Any thing else!

Please let me know what you think of your own machines.  I have been looking at the Silhouette and the Sizzex Eclips..................  

Thank you
Donna :-)

Eclips with Ecal it is!  it arrived the other day and I love it allready.

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